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2005 Rules Sunday South Mountain Slo-Pitch League

The Home team is responsible for:
  1. Calling in both scores to league president on day of game. Note: Scores may also be emailed.
  2. Calling the visiting team one hour before game time to notify them that the game is being cancelled due to inclement weather.
  3. Setting up the field (bases, mat and pitchers' mound, etc.).
  4. Reviewing the ground rules before the game.
  5. Providing one new ball the start the 1st game and the visiting team provides a new ball for the 2nd game.
  6. The home team gets to warmup on the field 15 minutes before game time, and the visiting team gets the field at 9:45 a.m.
  7. Only the home team may cancel the game.

General League Rules:
  1. This is an unlimited arc league, minimum pitch height is 6'.
  2. The baseline measurements are as follows:
    • 1st and 3rd base lines: 65' in length
    • From the point of home plate to 2nd base: 92'
    • 50' to the pitchers mound
  3. The mat behind home plate measures as follows:
    • 36" from front to back
    • 23" width
    • 1/2" extensions on the side of the plate
  4. The mat and plate are both strikes and are in play
  5. The batter's box will be imaginary lines in the absence of actual lines
  6. No bunting allowed
  7. Third stike foul, batter is out
  8. Runners' cannot leave the base until the ball is hit; if a runner leaves any base while the batter swings, the runner is out unless the ball is put in play
  9. NO hit-and-run rule
  11. Each team must supply one umpire for each game...It should be determined prior to Game-1 who will umpire the plate and who will do the bases
  12. Only the head coach may argue a call with an umpire
  13. Each team is responsible for cleaning up around their respective benches' once games are over
  15. The 10-run rule no longer applies unless the losing team that is trailing by 10 or more AFTER 5 FULL INNINGS decides that the game should be stopped
  16. The minimum # of players to start a game: 9 (one must be a catcher) A team will have until 10:15 to field 9 guys (If a team only has 8 players -- forfeit)
  17. Each team is allowed to have up to a 25-man roster...In order to play or coach you must be on the 25-man roster......Coaches will have up until midnight on Week-3 (May 9) to add to their roster.. Once a name appears on the roster, it may not be removed..
  18. Forfeit scores are 7-0
  19. Overthrows are one base from the infield; two bases from the outfield from the point where the ball goes out of play
  20. Courtesy runners may be used for injured players physically unable to run the base paths due to age or disability. The team using a courtesy runner must inform the opposing team prior to a game, unless injury occurs during the game. The courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out of the previous inning or the last batter of the lineup in the 1st inning only.
    • Any player may be substituted and re-entered once, providing players occupy the same batting positions whenever in the lineup.
    • Players may not re-enter a second time. The Starting player and their substitute may not be in the line-up at the same time.