2003 South Mountain Softball Rules

By: League President: Scott Johnston
Home: 610-791-9417
Email: broncoboy22@aol.com

· The Home team is responsible for:
· Checking the field during inclement weather; notifying the visiting team one hour before game time
· Only the home team may cancel the game
· Calling in scores to the League President on the day of the game….scores may also be emailed
· Setting up the field with bases, pitchers’ mound and the mat
· Ground rules before a game
· Providing one new ball to start the 1st game; visiting team provides new ball 2nd game
· The Home team gets to warmup (batting practice) up until 15 minutes before game time; the visiting team than gets the field (i.e. 10 a.m. games – visiting team gets field at 9:45 a.m.)

1. Unlimited arc on the pitch; minimum 6’

2. The baseline measurements are as follows:

- The 1st and 3rd base lines are 65’ in length
- 92’ from the point of home plate to 2nd base
- 50’ to the pitchers mound

2a. The mat behind home plate measures as follows:

- From front to back: 36”
- Width: 23”
- 2 ½” extensions on the side of the plate

3. The mat and the plate are both strikes

4. Runners’ cannot leave the base until the ball is hit; if a runner leaves a base while the batter swings and misses, the runner is out unless the ball is put in play

5. Hit-and-Run rule is allowed; If a runner leaves the base when the pitcher releases the ball, and the batter does not do any of the following:

- Put the ball in play;
- takes the pitch for a ball;
- fouls the ball off, the runner is out

6. Third strike foul will be used

7. No bunting allowed

8. Overthrows are one base from the infield; two bases from the outfield from the point where the ball goes out of play


10. Each team must supply one umpire for each game: In Game 1, the home team will umpire the plate and the visiting team will do the bases (In Game 2, vice versa)

11. Only the head coaches may argue a call with an umpire

12. Forfeits: A total of 4 will result in that team being eliminated from the league

13. Grace time:
- Game 1: 10:15 a.m.….if not enough players – forfeit of Game 1
- Game 2: 10:30 a.m.….if not enough players – forfeit of Game 2

14. 10- run rule…….the home team must bat in bottom of 5th inning; if the visiting team goes ahead by 10 runs in the top of the 6th inning the game is over – home team does not bat

15. The playoff system will be as follows: The top 8 teams by record qualify:

Tiebreakers for positioning:
1) Head-to-Head during regular season;
2) Run differential if teams split

1st round (Best 2-out-of-3) (#1, #2, #3 and #4 will be home team in games)

#8 team @ #1 team
#7 team @ #2 team
#6 team @ #3 team
#5 team @ #4 team

16. A team may bat no more than 12 players in a game….The 2 extra batters would be a DH & EH

17. The minimum # of players to start a game: 8 (one must be a catcher)

18. The following 2 fields will NOT have HR limits: Cedarbrook #3 and Alburtis;


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